Online learning is a part of  many students in all over world .  some working people cant take time to go college or caoching centre to do coarses . so online learning is a great platform for working people they can learn anytime and anywhere depends on choice.  our life is changing after covid-19 . we all are searching online coarses. 100+ websites in google to do online coarses but today we are discussing top 5 websites to do online coarses.

top 5 websites to do online coarses

Top 5 websites to do online coarses

1 ) Coursera


Coursera is a great learning website. Take the next step in your career with a world class learning experience. Coursera offers  2,000+ online courses with free courses that are taught by top educators from world class Universities . coursera provide both free and paid coarses related to – master of business administration , machine learning , software development , mobile and web development , data analysis, business strategy , data minning , Applied data science , data structure and algorithms , market reserch , marketing in digital world.

top 5 webstes to do online coarses

udemy is one of the best online institute that learn online coarses . udemy provides coarses related  –  web development , software and application development , digital marketing , content writing , personality development , freelancer , Teaching , software testing , photography , microsoft excel , data science , music , business strategy . 

Online coarses

skillshare is a great learning platform that you build up your skills . skillshare provides over 1000+ videos learning coarses that unlock your knowledge . coarses offer related to Animation , business analytics , creative writing , data science , Graphic design , photography , digital marketing , marketing strategies , freelancer , content writing , software development , web development , web design , fine art , sketching , crafts , enterprenuinship , online marketing.

simplilearn online learning website

Simplilearn is a world class platform that provides you 1500+ coarses  and give you live classes every month . simplilearn provides great carreer oportunity also .simplilearn offers coarses related to digital marketing specialist , cloud architect , artificial intelligance , post graduate programs , data scientist , business analyst , digital product manager, full stack web developer. 

masterclass Online coarses

Masterclass is a best way to learn online easily . you can easily catch up every topic with online live classes. masterclass is one of the top websites that provides best coarses related to music , business , writing , design and style , arts and entertainment , food , science and tech , sports and gaming, wellness .

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