5 Famous temples in ujjain

1 )  Mahakaleshwar temple

2 )  Mangalnath temple

3 )  Harsiddhi temple

4 )  Kalbhairava temple

5 ) Chintaman ganesh temple

1) Mahakaleshwar temple


Mahakaleshwar temple is one of the famous and popular Lord shiva temple in India . mahakaleshwar temple come under 12 jyotirling. The first arti of the day  worship with bhasm thats why its called ‘bhasm arti’.  bhasm arti is very  special and peaceful movement which have done every morning .The temple celebrates many festivals . Mahashivratri is  a big festival celebrate in mahakaleshwar mandir. Many people come from all over india and celebrate mahashivratri . A big fair is held during this time. This temple is situated near shipra river .

2) Mangalnath temple

Mangalnath temple

Mangalnath temple

Mangalnath temple is for mangaldev .According to puranas mangalnathnath mandir is a birth place of mars . The person who have mangal dosh in horoscope and wants to remove the bad effects of mangal so they should come here and perform mangal dosh nivaran puja. Best day to perform mangal dosh puja is Tuesday because tuesday is the day for lord mars.Mangalnath temple is famous for mangal dosh nivaran puja and bhat puja. Mars gives strength and courage so if your mars is weak in horoscope then you should come and worship here. Line of Karka rekha passes through this temple. Mangalnath temple is also known for navgrah puja. 

3) Harsiddhi temple

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Harsiddhi Mata temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeth of hindu purans. This temple is built by raja vikramaditya. Best time to visit this temple on evening. During evening aarti time the diya lights are lightened on pillars and its a beautiful and peaceful moment . A big fair is held during navratri time . Many people come ujjain and visit this temple on navratri time. Harsiddhi mata temple is a most famous pilgrimage place in all over india.

4 ) Kalbhairava temple

Kalbhairav ujjain

Kalbhairav temple is most famous and  unique tradition temple in ujjain . The unique tradition of kalbhairav temple is to worship liquor . This is one of the unique temple to offer liquor to god. Liquor bottles are available outside the temple. In ancient times, Kalbhairav temple is built by raja bhadrasen. The first place to worship in ujjain is kalbhairav temple then next to mahakal , harsiddhi and so on .

5) Chintaman Ganesh temple

Chintaman ganesh mandir

Chintaman ganesh temple

Chintaman ganesh temple is a oldest temple in ujjain. This temple is also known as chintaharan because ganesh ji remove all your tensions and give you a peaceful and happy life. Most of newly married couple go to temple and take ashirvaad for happy married life and also most of people come and get married in this temple . Ganesh ji is known as vignaharta .  


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