Rajyoga in astrology ( panchmahapurush yoga)

rajyoga in astrology

Rajyoga is a yoga that give fortunate life. we can predict our frotune life and misfortune life through our horoscope. Many types of yogas and doshas present in our horoscope but today we are discussing  5 top rajyoga present in our horosope that fulfil all our desire and give a rocking life. You can check this yoga by online panch mahapurush yoga calculator.

Top 5 Rajyoga that give Fortunate life ( panch mahapurush yog)

1  )    Shash Yog  (शश योग)

2 )     Malavya yog (मालव्य योग)

3 )     Hans yog (हंस योग )

4 )     Ruchaka yog (रूचक योग)

5 )     Bhadra yog(भद्र योग )

1 ) Shash yoga (शश योग)

Shash yog

In Vedic Astrology , shash yoga is a great rajyoga in panch mahapurush rajyoga. Shash yoga is made  through lord saturn. If lord  saturn is situated in kendra houses ( 1st , 4th , 7th , 10th ) of horoscope and in own sign kumbh rashi or makar rashi in birth chart then shash yoga formed in horoscope. In this type of people second part of life is so much better compare to first because saturn is a slow planet so  firstly they learn lessons of life then give huge success. 

Benefits of shash yoga

1 ) Huge Success in second part of life( after 30 years). 

2) Got goverment job or big MNC company.

3 ) huge involvement in social life .

4) Got succeed in construction, buiding related work. 

5) Give respect to all  people .

2 ) Malavya yog (मालव्य योग)

Malavya yog

Malavya yog is a powerful panch mahapurush yoga that give luxorious life. malavya yog is formed through lord venus. If Lord venus is situated in kendra houses ( 1st , 4th , 7th , 10th ) of horoscope and its own sign ( libra or taurus)then person having malavya panch mahapurush yog in kundli . Malavya yog people are very attractive personality . Venus gives you beauty and attraction. This type of people love to use brands and high quality of products . 

Benefits of malavya yoga

1)  People succeed in  beauty products , modelling , acting , bollywood, cosmetics .

2) These people have magnetic personality . they can attract any people with his magnetic power.

3)  Bless with beautiful life partner and live super love life.

4) People are rich and spend so much money to live beautiful life . 

5) People have beautiful home , vehicle , and live luxorious life. 

3 ) Hans yog (हंस योग )

Hans yoga

Hans yoga is a big panch mahapurush yoga. hans yoga is formed through lord jupiter. If lord jupiter is placed in kendra houses ( 1st , 4th , 7th , 10th ) and in its own sign sagittarius rashi or meen  rashi  then hans rajyoga is formed in horoscope. Hans yoga people always wants to share knowledge to other people, some people are fatty and selfish nature. hans yoga is a most powerful yoga in vedic astrology. Jupiter is a auspicious and biggest planet in astrology.

Benefits of hans yoga

1 )  Person succeed in his life due to his great knowledge.

2 ) succeed in education field , big lacturer , professor and great teacher.

3) people have beautiful and peaceful  nature , well mannered attitude and great personality.

4) Great social worker and got big position in social work.

5) Intelligent person with  great knowledge.

4 ) Ruchaka yog (रूचक योग)

Ruchak yoga

Ruchaka yog is a one of the  best panchmahapurush yoga. ruchaka yog is formed  through lord mars . If mars is situated in kendra houses ( 1st, 4th , 7th , 10th ) of horocope and its own sign ( Aries or scorpio ) .This yoga give luck to those people who want to become a police officer or want to make carrier in any sports field . Mars is a planet that give energy , desire and straight forward nature.

Benefits of Ruchaka yog

1)  people got good position in army and police.

2)  people have wealthy and famous personality.

3)  people have more focus on fitness.

4)  great physical strength.

5)  people are  good in  sports. 

5 ) Bhadra yoga (भद्र योग )

Bhadra yog

bhadra yoga is also  a  great  yoga in panchmahapurush yoga. bhadra yoga is formed  through lord mercury . If  lord mercury is situated in kendra houses (1 st ,4th ,7th ,10th ) and in its own sign (  Gemini or Virgo ) . Mercury is a planet to give intellectual power and great mathematical and communication skills. Bhadra yoga gives help to those who want to make a carrier in media field. 

Benefits of bhadra yog

1)  people have good communication skills.

2)  people have intelligent mind and  good  mathemetical skill.

3) huge success in media 

4) bless with success in business.

5) awesome speaker 

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