Are you ready to increase your immune system, we will help you to know how your body fight illness and remove from virus.

While boosting your immunity is easier said than done, several fast foods and lifestyle changes may effect your immune system weak . 

Here are 5 best tips  to increase your immunity naturally.


1 ) Do Exercise Regularly to increase immunity ​

Do Exercise Regularly to increase immune system

Regular exercise is a best way to increase immune system. Regular excercise can maintain your body fit and healthy and remove virus from body.

Every morning do exercise and yoga atleast minimum half hour and keep your body free from any type of chronic disease. 

2 ) Think positive and feel happy always ​

Think positive and feel happy

Two thoughts have come in our mind positivity and negativity. positive mind keeps our mind healthy and negative mind give stress to our mind .

Happiness is the secret of good health. And happiness comes from positivity. If you feel positive then surely you feel happy. positive mind is the great way to increase your immune system.

3 ) Eat fresh foods to increase immunity​

Eat fresh fruits to increase immune system

Fruit is an  powerful tool to boost your immune system and keep it healthy all  day. So instead of stressing about the prospect of getting sick, add fruits to your regular day-to-day meals . 

some fruits reach in vitamin c can increase immune system faster. Here are five fruits that will help boost your immune system – orange , amla. grapes, lemon and strawberry.

4 ) Sleep well to increase immunity​

sleep well to increase immunity

Relax and sleep well is a great way to boost your imunity. Studies have clearly shown that sleep improves the effects of vaccines, demonstrating sleep’s benefits for adaptive immunity.

sleep is a natural immune power thats keeps our mind fresh and keep healthy all day. regular 7-8 hours sleep is enough to keep healthy our mind and body.

5 ) hydrate your body ​

hydrate your body to increase immune system

Water is a best way to hydrate our body . The human body keep around 60% water. Drink  daily minimum 8-10 glasses of water to keep hydrate our body .

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