Remedies to remove manglik dosha

Are you a Manglik??

In Vedic Astrology , one comman and popular dosh present in horoscope said “Manglik dosha” . Our Astrologers always check manglik dosha at the time of marriage .If you are a manglik then you should only married with manglik person.

Mars represent our energy and strength. Energetic people have mars position is good in his/her horoscope. Lazy person have mars weak in his/her horoscope. Mars also represent boyfriend in girl horoscope. 

Manglik girl/boy only married with only manglik girl/boy. some other condition also apply to cancel this mangal effect.

You can consult a best astrologer to check mangal dosh present in your horoscope or not . you can also check through online mangal dosh calculator. we ill provide you some basic information how mangalik dosha (mangal dosh) formed in our horoscope.

How Mangalik( Mangal) Dosha formed in horoscope

Mangal Dosh is formed if Mars is posited in 1 st house, 2nd house , 4th house , 7th house , 8th house and 12th house of horoscope. A Mangal Dosh can be identified only with your Lagna Chart .

Doshas and rajyoga both are check through birth chart only .If any dosha or rajyoga are not present in (d1) birth chart and in other divisional charts they are present. so that they not effect in life .

If mars is posited any of those houses then it creates a high manglik dosha and this dosha creates disharmony in our life. mangal dosh creates problems between husband and wife. They both are doing argument to each other. 

Can manglik dosha cancel after 28 years ??

Some astrologer say that mangal dosh cancel after 28 years of age so if you are manglik then you should marry after age of 28 years. But in vedic astrology mars age is 28 it matures after age of 28 so a person is matured enough in dealing with his anger, impulsiveness and therefore can get married. Manglik dosha effects can not cancel without remedies but after 28 you have capability to handle situations. There is no such thing to cancel manglik dosha after 28 years.

Manglik dosha effects

1 ) Manglik dosha creates delay in married life , we can’t find perfect life partner easily . Is it good if you marry after 28 years of age.

2 ) Mangal dosh effects on girls are not always bad, This girls are good in sports  and other physical activities. girls are very possessive and can do anything for their partner due to mars influence . mangal effect girls can do anything as she want . 

3 ) people  have short tempered and aggresive nature.

5 Remedies to remove manglik dosha

5 remedies to remove manglik dosh

1) Do Hanuman Chalisa Path

Every morning , chanting mangal mantra 108 times and read hanuman chalisa path . hanuman chalisa path is a best remedies to remove bad effects of mangal dosh. navgrah mantra is also effective to remove all dosh in our horoscope but do only with real heart feeling. Hanuman ji has solution to every problem . It is said that Hanuman ji is still present in this world, he is somewhere around him.If we want happiness and peace in life, then we should always worship Hanuman.

2) Mangal dosh Puja

Mangal puja is a great way to remove (mangal dosh) manglik dosha effects. Ujjain is known as father of mars in purans. Those people who have ( mangal dosh ) manglik dosha in your horoscope, they can remove the effects in mangalnath madir with best pandit in ujjain. mangal dosh puja is a best remedies to remove manglik dosha

3) Gemestone

Wear red coral gemestone after consultation from astrologer. The red gemstone is able to give  power to the planet Mars according to Vedic astrology. Gemestone is so much powerful remedy to remove manglik dosha but don’t use without guidance with best astrologer because gemestone can also give negative impact. 

4) Do fast on every tuesday

Tuesday fast is dedicated to lord hanuman. Tuesday fast is beneficial to remove the ill effects of manglik dosha. Tuesday is a day for lord mars. In Vedic Astrology every day represents own lord. For example – lord sun day is sunday and lord saturn day is saturday.

5) Donate red color clothes

Mars is a fiery planet. Its color is red. Red color has special significance during the worship of god. In such a condition, Donate red clothes and worship of mangal is considered good. In Hindu culture donate clothes is very much popular. Donate red cloth is a effective remedy to remove manglik dosha.


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